Hi, we provide quotes for insurance and private jobs.

We are a walk-in business and we offer free quotes and you don't need an appointment to come in. Yay!

Are you open the first week of 2018?
Yes - we are open from Tuesday 2nd Jan between 7am - 5pm. 


Just after a rough price?
We can certainly give you a rough price when you come in and show us the damage, faded paint, cracked bumpers or scratched panels - we can sort you out. 

Why can't we do all of this over the phone?
Our work is very visual, we need to analyse the structure of scratches & cracks.  Nowadays car paint can be very complex with different layers and pearl pigments in the paint. Plus, there is always a chance of additional damage that you might not even know about. So we highly recommend to have it checked by a professional. This service is free of charge for you - so pop into Balcatta and say Hi! 

What's the best time to come in?

We are open Mon-Fri 07:00 am - 04:30 pm for quotes, you don't need to call in to make an appointment, feel free to pop into our office and we will help you straight away. 

Where are you guys located?

You find us in Unit 5 (right at the end) in 37 Delawney Street in Balcatta See below map.

Why don't you quote over the phone/with photos?

We offer free quotes for all cars that come in but we can't do quotes based on images you send through.
In most cases there is additional damage that can't be seen. It is the best to come in to get an idea about how much the repair it is going to be, even if you are just after a ballpark figure. You have nothing to loose, quotes are free and you will receive an itemized quote. We are a small friendly shop, so just pop in and we will look after you.