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Car Craft Balcatta Panel and Paint
Car Craft Balcatta Panel and Paint
Balcatta Panel and Paint servicesBalcatta Panel and Paint services

Our environmentally friendly paint shop has the latest in preparation bays and we use of one of the highest quality paints available, you can rest assured that your paint will not fade or peel – we offer life time warranty on our repairs and paint work.

Our technicians are kept up to date with the latest products and techniques required to carry out refinishing on modern motor vehicles.

Interested in prices or a quote?
Please come in to speak to one of our experts.
Generally whole paintjobs start from $6600 for small non-metallic cars painted outside and vary depending on the size of the car, existing damage and quality of the job. 
Sometime it is more cost effective to only paint damaged panels. Please come in to enquire about pricing. 

Interested in buying some small batch of paint?
We don't sell touch up paint but can recommend Autopower Car Paint just around the corner from us. 9345 3812Unit 5, 220 Balcatta Road, Balcatta 6021. Give them a call or pop in to talk to them about mixing you the correct colour so you can fix some small imperfections yourself.

If you need anything bigger done that goes beyond your expertise please come in for a quote and we will help you out. We paint roofs, panels, bumpers and other parts of cars by qualified tradesmen.