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  • Easter Trading 2018

    Good Friday (30 March)         Closed

    Easter Saturday (31 March)   Closed

    Easter Sunday (1 April)         Closed

    Easter Monday (2 April)         Closed

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  • A car in the shop: Mazdas journey

    Recently we had a Mazda in for repairs. This was a classic not at fault scenario, the driver was hit by another car on the passenger side with quite some damage. 


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  • Experienced Panel Beater wanted - contract position

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  • Running a business in Balcatta

    Our suburb Balcatta has been around for a while and we really enjoy running a business here. Now it's time to look into the history of this lovely place. Does Balcatta actually have a meaning? When did Balcatta actually become industrial? 

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  • What does the compulsory third party insurance really cover?

    In beautiful Perth car accidents happen everyday, some major ones you might hear about in the traffic reports on the radio or see in the news. But even in shopping centers the odd bingle can happen and is sometimes hard to avoid. 


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  • Pricing of our services

    We appreciate you came here to find out more about our pricing. 
    As our industry is highly specialised we always recommend to come in for a quote so you get an accurate price. You might say "But it's only a scratch" - but we need to see how deep it is and if it would require to be repainted. 

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  • Balcatta Panel keep things rolling, our social responsibility

    Not only for our customers, Balcatta Panel and Paint Smash Repair is a reliable partner. Many social projects can count on our consistent support for years. Because we like to help! Read here more about what we do.

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  • Can I choose my own repairer?

    Choice of repairer is all about the right to discern who you feel can do the right job. The beauty of choice means you can dictate the fate of your own car rather than having the choice dictated from insurers that may value controlling costs more than they do quality and customer satisfaction. Refuse to be treated like number and take back your choice.

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  • Car Craft Balcatta Panel welcomes new workshop manager

    Car Craft Balcatta Panel and Paint is proud to announce and welcome Bryan Goddard as new workshop manager for our Balcatta location. Bryan will be responsible for estimating, spare parts management as well as general management responsibilities.u can expect friendly service and free advise on paint jobs, panel beating or smash repair. 

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  • Your choice of repairer

    It is an absolutely gorgeous Saturday, the sun is shining and a day at the footy with you family awaits. For the first time in what feels like forever, your kids are dressed and ready to go and the wife is all smiles. A perfect start. What happens then is what we hear from our customers quite often...

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  • How you can take care of your car and why is car care important

    Some repairs to your car are hard to avoid in the long run. Others, on the other hand, can be delayed or even completely avoided if you regularly maintain your car.

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  • What to expect in our Smash Repair Shop - meet our owner

    Andrew Jaques firmly believes customers are key to success. He says: "If I don't manage to make my customers happy, I've done something wrong! Watch this video to get a sneak peek into Balcatta Panel and Paint

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  • Listen to Andrew Jaques: featured in 6PR's Perth Tonight show

    Andrew Jaques was featured in 6PR’s Perth Tonight, where he talked cars and how he started Balcatta Panel & Paint, and the changing skill sets among motor mechanics. 

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  • Why it is Important to Visit, Not Just Telephone

    In this blog, we’ll focus on why visiting a car repair shop for a quote is an important first step. The blog talks in depth about four key aspects to consider about visiting the shop, rather than just calling. 

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  • Finding a trusted car repair shop: is it really hard?

    Getting car repaired can be tedious and expensive. More than anything else, finding the elusive ‘good car repair shop’ can be difficult. This blog lists a few characteristics to look for while searching for the right car repair shop. 

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