Pricing Of Our Services

At Balcatta Panel and Paint, we aim to serve our customers so their cars look their best and are restored to pre-accident condition. Our work, similar to services in the beauty industry, looks better when carried out by a professional.

Before we give you more information about our pricing we’d like to talk a little about value. About the value of getting the job done on time and with an excellent finish.

We like you to really think thoroughly about this word. Value. What does it mean to you? It could be the convenience of getting the job done close to your home, or a fast turn-around or done by a local professional who really knows what they are doing. It’s good to think about these things, so you know what you are exactly looking for.

So let’s dive right in.

We appreciate you came here to find out more about our pricing. As our industry is highly specialised we always recommend coming in for a quote so you get an accurate price. You might say “But it’s only a scratch” – but we need to see how deep it is and if it would require to be repainted.

The below gives you an indication:

Insurance Quotes – free

This includes a free inspection of your car, we will take photos and write up an itemized quote. That gives you the best indication of how much the damage is and you can have a peek in our workshop to make sure you are happy with what you see. We deal with all major insurance companies and in most cases (especially if not at fault) you have a choice of repairer.

Private Quotes – free

This includes a free inspection of your car and in most cases, we will write up an itemized quote. We love a chance to meet you and have a chat about your car. Our estimators have years of experience and are always happy to give you some advice on the best way to fix scratches, dents and cracked panels.

Bumper repairs – from $495

This includes your free consultation prior to dropping off your car with a panel beating expert, preparation of the bumper, repair of scratches, repainting of the bumper. These jobs usually take 3 days but don’t include any major large repair. Once you are ready – simply come in for a free quote and we take care of the rest.
Find us in Balcatta.

Whole Respray Car – $6600 for a small car, outside only, not metallic, no damage

This gives you an indication as we get this question sometimes over the phone. If you really hate the colour of your car this might be a good investment but in general, we recommend coming in so we can give you a price to paint single panels and blend others to save you some money.

Come in to discuss your options – we promise you it’s a hassle-free experience and you don’t need an appointment to come in.