What To Do After A Car Accident That’s Not Your Fault

Having an accident can be stressful, especially if you weren’t at fault. Perth’s roads can be tricky, with more and more cars on the road and impatient drivers on Mitchell Freeway and Balcatta roads.

The driver who crashes into your car is responsible for reporting the accident to his or her car insurance company. However, make sure you contact their insurer as well. Motorists who cause accidents are often reluctant to report them.

It’s vital to get complete information on the other party at the accident scene. Collect the following:

  • Other driver’s name and address
  • Other driver’s insurance company name and policy information
  • Statements and contact information from witnesses
  • Take pictures of the accident scene — most smartphone cameras are suitable.

This way, you’ll have evidence gathered at the scene to bolster your position on the cause of the accident.

Often, we get asked if it is worth making a claim at all or just let the at-fault party pay for the repair privately.

In most cases, we recommend going through insurance as you are covered for an additional cost that might occur during the repairs and can’t be seen initially (additional damage eg. mechanical).

In addition, did you know that when going through insurance you are entitled to a free loan car if not at fault?

Please come in to arrange the loan car, it will be delivered to our workshop in Balcatta when you drop your car off for repair.

This is so you have a positive repair experience and can get around while we repair your car.

We teamed up with Compass Claims to offer you free loan cars. See the full journey: 


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