Finding A Trusted Car Repair Shop: Is It Really Hard?

If you own a car, getting it repaired can be tedious and expensive. It can also leave you unexpectedly out of pocket. Putting off the repair work for later can also increase complications. More than anything else, finding the elusive ‘good car repair shop’ can be difficult. How do you spot the good guy? How will you know that a certain shop offers value for money? Fortunately, there are a few things that you can look for, that will help you find the good guys.

Visit the shop

Visiting the mechanic is the obvious first step, which most people ignore. The look of a place can reveal a lot about what to expect. Neat, dust-free workshops and cars are an indicator of attitude and expertise, while a messy place may be a sign of a shoddy job to come. Visiting in person with your car also allows the assessor to look at your car and give you a more accurate rate.

Car Craft Group member

There are now Car Craft Accident repair centres in Western AustraliaQueensland and South Australia providing consumers with quality workmanship, excellent customer service and professional business systems. Many of Australia’s top panel beaters are members, offering smash repairs, bumper repairs, car body repairs and much more. If a repair shop is part of the Car Craft Group, you can rest assured your car is in safe hands. The group ensures its member shops are high on quality. Also, if the repair shop doesn’t have a part, it can source the component from other shops in the group at no or minimal extra charges.

Ask around

Word of mouth is a pretty powerful and accurate tool to find out more about a repair shop. Try talking to customers who have used the repair services to know how good they are. You will get to know about the quality of paint, materials used, turnaround and customer service.

In conclusion, though it seems elusive to find a good car repair shop, it is not impossible. Once you do locate one, make sure to stick with them.