Why You Should Visit A Car Repair Shop

In our previous blog, we discussed finding the right car repair shop and how to tell if they’re good or not. In this blog, we’ll focus on why visiting a car repair shop for a quote is an important first step.

There are four key aspects to consider.

More accurate assessment

We cannot stress this enough. If you’re calling for a quote, please bear in mind the quote you receive is based on your description of the car’s condition. Visiting, on the other hand, gives the assessor a direct view of the damage and how much work is involved. This will enable the repair shop to provide a more accurate quote and removes all surprises for you. Needless to say, you also get to see the workshop – if the operator is shoddy or if he is organised and tidy?

State of equipment and materials used

When you visit the car repair shop, you will get to see the equipment, how well it is maintained and the materials used. Look for well maintained, state-of-the-art machinery and quality paints.

Professionalism of staff

Look for repair shops with well-trained, qualified staff taking pride in what they are doing – employees finishing a job neatly or paying attention to detail are good signs.

Customer reactions

Observe other customers, notice their reactions – are they unhappy or impressed with their service and the quality of repair? Have they come for a third time asking about car delivery? Are they regretting their choice of repair shop? Is their invoice way above what they expected? All of these will tell you if the car shop you’ve picked is the right one for you or not.

Though many people think that visiting a car repair shop for a quote is too much work, there are small details which, if you notice, will tell you about the premises and likely quality of the service. Even simple tasks such as how the phone calls are answered, or whether the calls are answered, can speak volumes about the repair shop’s professionalism and its staff.

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